It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, everyone loves a great cup of coffee. And our highly experienced baristas only serve the best quality coffee. 


We thought we’d add a few lighter options to our lunch menu, a range of tasty open sandwiches on sourdough, health or buttermilk or rye bread


Open Sandwiches


Kiddies Menu

Fresh, creative sushi combinations are what make our Sushi the best. Value for money and well-made sushi is what keeps our guests coming back for more.


Made of only the freshest, organic produce, our salads are portioned to be a meal in and of themselves.

It shouldn't be hard to make yourself sit down to a healthy meal at the beginning of the day,once you tasted our delectable breakfast offerings.

The menu is a child’s dream—fries, chicken strips, fish cakes—and the signature kids’ treat, a 100 gr Beef burger & homemade chips, is for the more adventurous.


Light Meals

Vivante - Living Life Food

For meat lovers, there is nothing more satisfying than tucking into our perfect rib eye steak. Our mains dishes cater for a diversity of tastes, with generous portions.

​Our light meals is great in that everything on it feels pretty indulgent. You will be spoilt for choice if in the mood for quick lunch with good friends.